Friday, January 07, 2011

But they still lead me back...

...To the long and winding road.

In the real world, New Years day was almost a week ago. In the world of making numbers and getting everything taken care of, yesterday was the end of the year, December 37th.

This has been a long, long O-N-D. It started in August and finally ended, days into January. We are tired, but happy. Happy to see it over. But knowing it will start all over again. In fact I am packing my bags and will be on the move for the next few months.

On the other blog I contribute to, The Blend, I recently did a little piece on Pinot Grigio trends in America and where the business is going. Check it out, it is quite revealing, at least for those of us in flyover country.

Lastly, thanks to all for a great year here on the wine trail in Italy. And in the spirit of the "Dolly shot", and just for fun, I will leave you with our New Years greeting, where we managed to "finagle" a compliant Luca Zaia into going along with another photo-caper.

Auguri Capo!!!


Tracie P. said...

Hahahahaha! Haha! Aahh. Pretty damn funny ace :)

Dave B said...

What a great post..
Luca almost looks alive..
Looking forward to seeing you in NYC and reading of the COF bloggers tour..
Lots of good words and fine wines to come..
vi apettiamo..
Felice Anno Nuovo

Do Bianchi said...

Alonso, you look so friggin' hot in GREEN! We've got to get Luca to drop the black tie, man... it's just not right...

Adrian Reynolds said...

Brilliant stuff once again, Alfonso...!

Marco said...

funny....but i hate nazi Lega!!!

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