Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Great Whiteoutpocalypse of 2011

Despite the foul weather (after all, it is January and winter!) this week in NY has been another great week of networking and celebrating all things Italian. The Italian Trade Commission took it “over the top” this week, with a stellar lineup of seminars and superstars to present. Their web site is "fully socialized” and the young (and young at heart) who ran that part of the event really get social media and all the new stuff that very few people get. But like breathing or blood pumping, it comes pretty naturally for them and for all the early adopters of all ages. Great wines more than make up for foul weather, non e’ vero?

This week on the wine trail in Italy settled into New York, where so many things Italian rose to the occasion. I have about three or four good posts in the works before I head out to join the COF2011 Blog brigade in Friuli. Once again I had another amazing meal with friend and colleague Carmen Castorina and I promise a fun and extravagant post (Thanks, Joe!).

As well, another unforgettable session with Italian Hall of Famer, Filippo Di Belardino, a dear friend for 30 years. Great food and wine and great quotes a comin’ (Thanks, Pippo!).

And wine, from crazy wonderful Timorasso whites to Cesanese reds, a little Lafite thrown in for balance (who can ever refuse Lafite?) and vintage ports to mind boggling amari and a cast of wine cognoscenti that really make me gear up much more than normal.

Twins on board ~ naturally
In the meantime, I have got to figure out how to get back home again. This time I ain’t driving. And no, Kevin, this isn’t Minnesota, so I am not complaining. But earlier in the evening we are out in what some folk are calling the great Whiteoutpocalypse of 2011, in search of warm Fregola and a cool bottle of Bovale. Brooklyn bound, via Bed-Sty, to visit  another friend Andrea and his wife Lorraine, who is percolating right along with 5 weeks to go before she gives birth to their twin boys! It must be in the air; all kinds of people are making and having babies. Watch out all y’all, you never know when the stork is gonna strike.

As for me, I am more than glad those days are behind me. I have more important things to cogitate over, like for instance, what is the fascination hotels have with ice?

Wish me luck (and no ice) later on and hopefully I will escape from NY and this latest snow storm. If not, I will settle in, grab me a bottle of whatever is red and willing and wait it out.


dianeteitelbaum said...

Wish I had gone. And, quit bellyaching about the snow. You could be here instead of on the way to Friuli. Call us when you get back. Regards from your consigliere - don't get arrested in Italia.

Thomas said...

Before going to bed, fill the bathtub with hot water (leave the door open) and sprinkle a tub or two of hotel ice under your bed.

Moistens the room!

Samantha Dugan said...

Good luck on the whole getting home deal. I know Tom Wark had to tack an extra night on to his trip as his flight was canceled yesterday. Judging from the pictures of dinner and snow frolicking he and his beloved Kathy posted I'm guessing, like you they are happy just to wait it out.

Very much looking forward to the trip and finally meeting you cats!

Samantha Dugan said...

Oh and no lie, the word verification for that last comment, frosti

Alfonso Cevola said...

Not complaining, consigliere. Now that I am tucked in my own little bad back home ;p

great tip Thomas! Thanks

Sam- home in time to change out the luggage and get ready for another big adventure. Now where did I put my Beegee platform shoes, my Afro wig and my porn star shades?

Tracie P. said...

glad you made it back! better not lose your way to venice next week, ace.

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