"By the Bottle" Series

 I’ve started a series, By the Bottle. It mimics the By the Book feature in the Sunday NY Times Book Review, which asks a series of questions to authors about books. This time, we’ve turned the tables on wine lovers, winemakers, and all kinds of folks in the world of wine. It’s all for fun, with the hopeful expectation that we might gain insights into friends and colleagues in a lighthearted and easygoing way. Expect more, not consistently, but from time to time. Usually on Thursdays. 


By the Bottle link: HERE


1) Ole Udsen

2) Martin Sinkoff

3) Raffaella Guidi Federzoni

4) Patricia Guy 

5) Ian D'Agata

6) Alder Yarrow 

7) Ron Washam  

8) Robert Camuto

9) Christy Canterbury MW

10) DLynn Proctor 

11) Dan Petroski 

12) Zachary Sussman 

13) Walter Speller 

14) Joanie Bonfiglio  

15) Anthony D'Anna

16) Eric Asimov 

17) Darrell Corti 

18) Emily Huang 

19) Carmen Castorina 

20) Esther Mobley 

21) Jeff Siegel 

22) Brian Cronin

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