Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who says it's all fun and games?

One more pass by the Perini Ranch and the Buffalo Gap Wine and Food Summit, before I turn my thoughts to Italy again. Actually the Italian connection in Buffalo Gap (Population 463) was evident. Tom Perini’s family comes from the Italian side of Switzerland. But Tom is known as the father of Texas Cowboy Cuisine although you can find his famous Zucchini Perini (zucchini rounds baked in an Italian meat sauce and topped with grated Parmesan cheese) on the menu. But the place is about steak and smoke and sashaying around for a Texas sized good time. I know it looks like fun, but we were working, Mom. Honest!

Perini Ranch is a working ranch. And yes, Simona, they also have oil wells

They may look like mild mannered Longhorn Cows, but these beauties are also my secret SEO weapon

My posts are always too long, I know. I get into it and get all wind-baggey. Or I get crotchety and start griping about some small minutiae about the wine biz. Or the Italians. Or the Americans. But not today. I feel fine. And I’m gonna keep it short. A few pix. A few licks. And back to work. Busy time in the wine biz.

Llana Estacado winemaker Greg Bruni(Yes Sandra, he's an Eyetalian-American) enjoying a little wine, a little dance

All I’m gonna say about working all weekend, tasting wine and beef and dining and drinking all kinds of wine and then trying to make it look like fun. It is fun. My dad taught me that if you aren’t enjoying what you do for a living, then you aren’t living. His example was a huge road sign to get me on the wine trail and keep me there. But this past weekend we leapt off a little and got on the chuck wagon trail.

Last words: Thank Texas and Tito's for Bloody Mary Sunday Mornings. After drinking all that fine wine I can’t think of a better way to set my palate straight and get it ready for Monday. Thank you, amigo! Now where’d plate of fried chicken livers go?

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Wink Lorch said...

Hi Alfonso, lovely to read about the goings-on in a place I know not at all.

Were you inspired by our conversation about cows and SEO?? In the interests of learning more about this fascinating subject, please let me know if you get a suitable spike in visitors due to the 'SEO cow effect'.
(For those who know not what I'm going on about ... the word 'cow' still remains the top search term on my blog for Wine Travel Guides, having posted a picture of a Montbéliard cow in a piece on Jura wine/cheese around a year ago.)

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