Friday, April 02, 2010

If you're gonna get stuck at an airport hotel, Bordeaux ain't too shabby

After a week of 12+ hour days, driving from Bordeaux to the Medoc, and then to St.Emilion/Pomerol, and finally to the Pessac/Graves area, we headed to the airport for our flights out. My companions made it to Paris (they texted me at dinner) but my flight to Geneva was cancelled. No explanation. Barely enough information to figure out the next move. But what the heck. At least I was in a wine town. This is very do-able.

They shuttled me to a hotel, nothing special. So I decided to take the down time and catch up on exercise and sleep. A long run took me to a shopping center, looking for tomato seeds for a grower back home. I really must post about this experience, because if you know your chickens (and I know my chickens), there is some meat there. But I am flying out soon (hopefully) and must get going.

There was a wine blogger get together in Bordeaux last night that I was planning on going to, but after the run I was done in. Sorry folks, I really wanted to make it, but stanco morto was I.

The good news is that the hotel restaurant was probably better than most dining experiences I have back home. And that again is another post, one which most likely will land me in the poaching pot.

Along with that they had a marvelous little wine bar, which was but a few steps away from mon chambre.

Good food, good wine, internet connection, rest – I can deal with it.

The other good news is that I bought flight insurance. Now if I only had my lawyer here to translate the legalese in French and (Proper British) English.

"C'est la vie"


Marco Concadora said...

"The bon vivant is not one who eats a lot, but one who..."
I can't read the rest on the window of the wine bar. Easter in Trapani?

Thomas said...

Flight insurance comes with a caveat--pre-existing weather conditions...

tom hyland said...


About a month ago I spent a night near the Zurich airport thanks to a missed connection. It was a HIlton in the woods with a lovely view of the Alps. I thought I did alright for myself, but your place beats mine, at least in terms of wine.

Life has some nice surprises, doesn't it?

Unknown said...

Great idea!!!

The Great Room | Holiday Inn Express Zurich Airport

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