Sunday, April 04, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Easter

The wine trail from France to Italy leads through Savoie. Almost Italy. Un po.

There are a few more posts on Bordeaux coming, but it is Easter and don’t we all have to take a few moments to rest up for what is coming? Italy and Vinitaly looms, and there will be 6 days of nonstop work in the Pavilions of Verona. My mom is reading this and feeling no pity for me.

My hosts, Wink Lorch and Brett Jones, have rescued me from work. Two wine professionals who have found this wonderful, beautiful place, Chinaillon, a small village in the French Alps (Haute Savoie). I am taking a crash class in the wines of Savoie. Studying very hard. Lots of research. Cramming it all in. Wink is the world's expert in the wines of Savoie, so I am in good hands. And Brett is a wonderful raconteur and quite a good chef. Thanks so very much to both of you wonderful and patient souls.

Quickly, the wines of Savoie are quite interesting to me, seeing as I love white wine so much. But I am seeing small similarities with the wines of Valle d'Aoste, especially in the way the two regions organize their quality wines. Some similar grapes, but also a huge attention to the indigenous grapes unique to the area.

Seriously, I am taking a few days to let down my hair and catch my breath, and it has been the first time I have done so since September.

Chinaillon is home to Reblochon. Down the road the cows are working inside the rustic chalet that share the hillsides with weekend getaways and ski slopes. It is a busy time here for the cows and the leisure seekers alike.

A few pictures, that’s pretty much all you will get from me today. Happy viewing and Buona Pasqua, y’all!

Keeping it French for a few more days with Vin Jaune and Englegarten

Night shot - hand held


The Wine Maestro said...

And what a pleasure it is to have such a charming guest! So much to talk about, so much to eat and, er, so much to drink together...
Fantastico, e grazie!

@itsmattos said...

:) very nice... like your nightshot :)

Samantha Dugan said...

You're killing me here....I adore the wines of Savoie. Vin Jaune and a platter of mountain cheeses is akin porn for me...sends that warm rush of want down my back and makes me quiver. Thanks for the updates and making my France loving heart pound.

Alfonso Cevola said...

thanks, y'all

yeah I have gone over to umami blogging this week. and I am also already writing my thank you cards.

Word to the wise.

Thomas said...

Take it from me, Alfonso does send thank you cards--thank you AC, for some great reads.

Don't you love the red cross of Savoie???

Wink Lorch said...

Lovely post, Alfonso, but I would say that ;) And great to have you here.

Samantha, one bit of wine education, AC has been receiving whether he likes it or not is that Savoie and Jura wines could not be more different from each other. As a pedantic editor, I was just a little worried (but not sure) you might have thought Vin Jaune was from Savoie - it's not - it's from Jura, nearly 3 hours drive from here, and great with Jura's most famous cheese - Comté! Savoie whites and Savoie cheeses are altogether different.
End of education slot.

Ryan said...

Fascinating - What a good opportunity to learn about the wines of Savoie - they never seem to get their due and are interesting, unique and delicious.



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