Thursday, August 18, 2011

TexSom 2011 - Slideshow

A smattering of images from the epic weekend. Craig Collins, MS, reported, as Rajat Parr was leaving to catch a jet to another fabulous place, he told him that "TexSom 2011 was the best wine conference" he'd ever been to. Great work guys!


Valerie said...

Looks like a fabulous event. *sigh* When I grow up...

Do Bianchi said...

so great to see coverage of this man... when is TexSom gonna get THEIR blog together? ;)

Remember when we met Raj in NYC?

Alfonso Cevola said...

Hey Valerie - I am sure you are finding all kinds of divertimenti where you are but for sure you are welcome to join us next year!

@DoBi soon, I hopew soon. they should hire you to do it, if they had any $$

Yeah I remember us meeting Raj @ Terroir. Not sure he does though ;p

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