Thursday, August 11, 2011

La Notte di San Lorenzo Guido

Study of ecstasy in a glass of Valpolicella
My blogger amica Susannah noted the August 10 holiday in Italy, La Notte di San Lorenzo, on her blog, Avvinare, “August 10 is celebrated in Italy and by Italians throughout the world as the night of the shooting stars. This film by the Taviani brothers is one of my old time favorites. This night is famous because you can see a host of shooting stars in the night sky and of course, as we all know, you make a wish when you see one.”

“Historically, the night of the shooting stars is supposed to commemorate the tears of San Lorenzo who met his end on this day in the III century.”

And it was an introduction that we really did it up in the Circolo del Vino in Dallas at Paul and Mike Di Carlo’s wine and food Mecca, Jimmy’s. And while the name harkens not in any paranomastic way, shape or form, it was a night of shooting stars.

Paul set aside the night as a benefit to the Italian Club and we had members from as far away as Shreveport, Bishop Michael Duca (he has a blog - who knew?) and is part of the DiCarlo family.

In addition Paul, who loves Guy Stout, asked Guy (Guido) to officiate over the wines. The wine lineup was “stellar.”

• Contadi Castaldi, Franciacorta Brut
• LaScolca - Gavi Black Label 2008
• Livio Felluga Terre Alte 2008
• Castello di Monastero Infinito 2005
• Vietti Barbaresco Masseria 2006
• Marchesi di Barolo Cannubi 2004
• Dal Forno Valpolicella 2004
• Banfi Poggio all'oro Brunello 2004

You all know I’m not one to brag about the great wines we taste in the course of a week or a day, but this was something special. And by the way it was part of the day job, which often goes way into the night.

Guy shows off the Bolognese
Yeah, so I’m bragging, just a little. You should have been there. You could have, for $100, and for a good cause (the Italian dance program). And of course, there was food. Loads and loads of food, including caviar, foie gras, smoked salmon, Gulf shrimp, wild boar Bolognese, buffalo short ribs and Colorado lamb.

Thanks to all the DiCarlo family and Guy and Bishop Michael and lovely guests, for an evening under the stars in Texas.
Teamwork makes the dream work
Paul's son Tony, mugging for the camera
Mike and son James,who made the killer Bolgonese
Some of the most successful events have been with the Italian wannabee Guy (Guido) Stout

I can only wonder how my new Sardinian shepherd friends back in rustic Tuscany must have celebrated this venerated holiday, which leads up to the Ferragosto and the summer climax.


Avvinare said...

Hey AC. Thanks for the shout out. What a great line up of wines. Wish I could have been there with you and "guido". Enjoy and make a wish. Sg

Hal Rose said...

It was an awesome evening!

Alfonso Cevola said...

Thanks Susannah for the inspiration and thank you Hal for coming and chatting we me about SM

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