Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The e-mail one never wants to get from a winery in August

Aug 2, 2011
Dear ______,
Just to inform you that Mr. (and Mrs.) ________ did not show at the appointment.
______ __________ and ______ _____, waiting for them since 10:30, can stay until 1:00 pm. Then they have to attend other obligations and the visit will be considered cancelled.

Best regards,


Bad enough when it happens - But when people delay their vacation and the visitor is a no-show? Oh, and the winery folks prepared a nice lunch too. And the importer folks did their due diligence in getting the no-show to fill out a form. A lot of good it did  the importer and the winery. All I can do is apologize to them profusely for something someone else didn't do.

Well, let's just say this is one of the easiest ways to incur my wrath for a very long time

But let's back track - This was a process we started back in June and then after the 4th of July holiday, we started sending out emails, via the importer and to the winery. Take a look at the process:

1) July 7, 2011
Hi Gents:

any chance Mr,______ and his wife could make a visit to ________ on Aug 2?

attached is our form - please advise

thank you,

2) July 19, 2011
Dear _____,
Unfortunately I will not be here that week because on holiday until the 16th of August.
However ______ __________ will replace me for the welcome and visit as well as _____ for a light lunch.
______ will be awaiting for them at 10:30 for welcome so that they can join the winery tour at 11:00.
Later, at 12:15, ______ will meet them again and will be their host at lunch with _____.
Everything should finish around at 2.30.
Please let me know if it meets your requirements.
Best regards,

3) July 28, 2011
Dear ________,

Can you please reconfirm this winery tour for Mr. ________ (party of two) for August 2nd.
I look forward to hearing from you.


4) July 29, 2011
Dear ______,
Yes everything is set up as agreed with ______.
Warmest regards,

5)Aug 2, 2011
Dear ______,
Just to inform you that Mr. ________ did not show at the appointment.
______ __________ and ______ _____, waiting for them since 10:30, can stay until 1:00 pm. Then they have to attend other obligations and the visit will be considered cancelled.
Best regards,


6) Aug 2, 2011
Dear Alfonso,
See above – FYI


As an added thank you I'd be glad to send these "no-shows" the official On the Wine Trail in Italy Vatican Approved "You're a Loser" T-shirt (in green and only in extra small). Have a nice day - you've helped to mess up a whole bunch of people's schedules and completely wasted their time.


Hal Rose said...

I know from our discussions that this is a pet peeve...I understand as I can't stand people who have no respect for other's time and schedule

PS: love the tshirt...where do I get one for these types of occasions???

Unknown said...

That's dreadful. I experienced something similar when the MD of a well known wine glass producer specifically asked to present to 24 wine bloggers on his next trip the U. Needless to say the event was oversubscribed.

7 of the 24 turned up. As a wine blogger that REALLY embarrassed me.

Laura said...

Alfonso, you're a man after my own heart! This happens rather too often and is terrifically irritating. Can I send the Tshirt a spese del destinatario? And please can it be made clear that no one (that's right, no one) is welcome for an unannounced visit at 1 o'clock on Sundays...

Val said...

Common courtesy - That's all it is and people don't have it anymore. Sorry, Alfonso - Unfortunately this "no class" behavior is becoming more common in our society today. Manners, the art of the R.S.V.P., being on time (unless you are in Italy), and respect for the time and effort of others on your behalf - otherwise known as being a responsible adult - is lost on a flakey population who think the iPhone is part of a table setting. OK, cat claws put away, back to my cappuccio. Love the shirt, BTW!

Bicchiere said...

I had similar experience in Tuscan winery that does not want to be mentioned :o))) After 3 e-mails a 2 phone calls with the owner I arrived in time and nobody knew about the appointment, as the owner was on holidays. Later the owner even inquired how I liked the visit - could you advise the proper wording of reaction? Usual thank-you letter did not help :o)))

Mattie John Bamman said...

Haha! Well said. And who would skip a private appointment to taste wine?

Alfonso Cevola said...

thanks all for the great comments - the craziest thing about this is the "no-shows" cannot be reached. Their phone doesn't work in Italy.

Yeah, who would blow off a private tasting in Tuscany with a lunch thrown in to boot? I never cease to be surprised at the rudeness of people.

Marco Mennagia said...

In the future, what about asking for a deposit of X$ that is refundable if the people show up? Then the winery is compensated for its time and free lunch if they don't show. That would put an end to that kind of behavior pronto.

Melanie said...

Absolutely beautiful photos in your post! I'm sorry about your bad experience!

milanese in exile said...

Hello Alfonso.
I tell you what: I would be more than willing to try to contact the "bums" from here or send a series of nasty messages and voice mails.
And if you let me know their address, I'll find the way to hang one of those t-shirts on their mailboxes, to be found upon their return home.

Gianni Lovato (aka @gianpadano)

Tablewine said...

If only these no-shows knew how much effort a winery puts into their visits.

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