Thursday, November 05, 2009

"We'll get on it right away and 'get back' to you"

From the " they keep lobbing softballs like this at me, I just had to hit it" department.

In my inbox I get these kinds of notes all the time. Seeing as I am not very busy this time of the year I wonder if I should pursue this inquiry. Read on, I do not make these things up.

Good morning Sir, Madam

We are an estate situated in _________________, Fattoria di ________ in _______.

We produce the following products:

_________________________ (white wine) docg: 5 months in french barriques, middle toast, fine-grained, first and second passage in wood.

_________________________ (white wine) riserva docg

_________________________ (red wine) docg: only stain steel, typical _______ with old cepages of the old disciplinary

Two kind of I.g.t.:

___________ ______________ (fantasy name red) i.g.t 100% Sangiovese, 8 months refining in tonneau of 5 hectolitres. Maceration of the skin for 20 days. Refining in bottles for 6/7 months.

______________ (fantasy name red) i.g.t 70% Cabernet,25% merlot,5% sangiovese.

The Cabernet was plant(ed) in the year 1960 from the grandfather. Now, they replant new vineyards with the old clone.

Separate vinification and added in french barriques for 18 months. Strong toasted, fine-grained, international taste, the wood does not dominate the power of the wine but exalt it. This kind of wine is consider: "MEDITATION WINE".

The perfect food matching is with aged cheeses, wildboar etc..

two kind of Doc ___________ ______________ (actually docg white)

I would like to know if could be interesting for you receive more information about the Estate, products.

Feel free to contact us.

Umm, let me meditate on this. I'll get cub reporter, Jimmy Olsen, on it right away and "get back" to you.


Marco Testaraso said...

Hey, Jimmy Olsen is wearing seersucker. Is that a subliminal message to the winorotti?

Alfonso Cevola said...

looks more like Aran tweed to me compadre

Marco Corvo said...

Sorry, it was those all-to-familiar stripes that threw me. You know that I am always in the crow's nest for seersucker.

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