Saturday, October 04, 2008

Why Brunello Fell

As they say in Italy, behind every great man there is a woman. Or two. Or three, in the case of Dr. Zaia.

Doesn't look like Brunello had a fighting chance, from the looks of this image, dated in the right bottom corner, March 22, 2008, taken in Venice, just a week or so before the Brunello scandal broke (click on picture to see it full size).

By the way folks, this is a spoof, just in case you didn't get it by looking at it.
Now, if we're talking about Rivella, that might be a whole 'nother story.

And yes, there is a Miss Brunello


Do Bianchi said...

Franco published news of the impending scandal for the first time on Good Friday, March 21, 2008. Seems Zaia had other plans for Easter Weekend. But then again he's no passéist...

Montalcino Report said...

That is funny.. Please take a look at Montalcino Report regarding some news on the Brunello debate..
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