Friday, July 13, 2007

The VP

The IWG is still MIA...

The inspiration for this series ( if one can call it inspiration, rather than just a dumb idea from too many Shiner Bocks after midnight) came from my childhood, which doesn't seem that long ago.

So, Ziff & Dale were two of my imaginary friends. Today they are loosely based on a couple of characters in the wine and food business. In fact all the cast is someone, somewhere.

I think Bea sez the IWG will be back in his blogdom next week. I might have to get my own, or something else to do with these. I'm going into the busy wine and food season and studying for too many certifications for sommelier and other gigs. I have to get up early, so here I must sign off. -AK

Thanks to David @ Italian Insight for the Italian translation.-AK


Anonymous said...

Corky and Tore feel like old friends. Please let us know if we can find them anywhere else. Are they published anywhere? They certainly should be!

A Corky and Tore fan

Arthur Krea said...

thanks....more to come

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