Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Call from Montalcino @ 3AM

I had been asleep a few hours. The red Blackberry rang. It was our family friend, Bisanzio, in Montalcino. “Can you divert from Verona to come to Tuscany?" There was a subtle plea in his voice. "They need the help of someone who both is in the Italian wine industry and is also a blogger", he said. “from the US. An authority.”

"Why me?"

"They asked for someone like you. Because you understand both worlds and the powers that be think you can help in steering this Brunello misunderstanding towards a quick resolution."

Bisanzio was a great friend of my uncle, who was in the Italian wine business many years ago. He is highly placed in the inner-circle of business and government in Tuscany, though most people don't know him outside of his sphere of influence. That's the way things work in Italy.

So, I will arrive a little later than usual for Vinitaly. I am packing and leaving for a quick plane to London in the morning and a hopper to Pisa. Selected members of the Italian press will be there, along with journalists from Germany, Holland and Denmark. There will also be Italian and EU officials, along with a bevy of lawyers, and a politician or two.

Apparently there will be a press conference and I have to be there in time for it, which will be on Wednesday at noon, Italian time.

I cannot tell you anymore about what this is about. All I can say, there is a sense of urgency.

I'm going in. Wish me luck.

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  1. It worked. I usually spell your name with an "F". Phrankly, I don't know what happened. Keyboard lapse?

  2. Dude... watch out where the huskies go on that trip....

  3. You got me!! I was believing the whole story..... Anita


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