Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Time to recharge...folks have been telling me I'm writing too darn much; they need to catch up. Sounds good to me. I have listed some of my favorite posts, after the jump, if you need a jumping-off place. I'll resume on April 13. Cheers!

More after the jump...

Archive Highlights

  • California Dreamin'~5 that made a difference

  • Sicily~Memories, Dreams, Reflections

  • Calabria~The Legacy of Local

  • Assisi~from the Heart

  • Eugenio Spinozzi~Buon Anima

  • That Fine Italian Hand

  • High Galestro ~ The Pyrite of Panzano

  • The Oenological Love-Children of Dal Forno & Quintarelli

  • For a Fistful of Dollars

  • Italian Family Sundays~The Golden Age

  • Return to Surrender

  • Cadillac Fever

  • From Pot to Paté

  • Shangri-la-bria

  • The Endless Italian Summer

  • Made to Measure

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      1. I would add your post from November 14, 2007--"Finding Your Wine." That one did wonders for me!


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