Friday, January 18, 2008

If It's Friday This Must Be Austin

Monday and Tuesday-New York. Wednesday-Dallas. Thursday-Houston. Friday-Austin, here we come. Eight winemakers-Four cities. Planes, cabs, driving across Texas, wine events, dinners and even a little belly dancing. We've had wines and their young winemakers, from all across Italy. And we've run into wine bloggers all across the country. More on that later. It's very late and very tired are we. So enjoy the pictures that follow the jump and we'll tell their stories later.

Dallas Tasting with the winemakers

Working very HARD

Houston Tasting with the winemakers
Belly Dancing with the winemakers

"Working" very HARD

The wineries and their ambassadors:
Meri Tessari from
Luca Ghione from
Luca Fontana from
Gualtiero and Anna Ghezzi from
Thomas Faure Romanelli from
Natalino Crognaletti from
Fattoria San Lorenzo
Aldo Vacca from
Produttori del Barbaresco

The bloggers:
Alice Feiring of Veritas in Vino
Keith Beavers of
East Village Wine GeekDavid Anderson of Italian's Insight to Travel Italy
Tracie B of
My Life Italian (on hiatus)
Greg Randle of
Good Taste Report

& Talina Grimes - The Belly Dancer~Teacher


Marco said...

Looks like the bell dancer in
"Charlie Wilson's War"
Bice is opening up another place in NYC in the NYT's building. Just for you;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an exhausting tour! I tried to make it to the NYC tasting (I'm a huge fan of Produttori del Barbaresco, among others), but my own tasting duties called.

Will this group be coming to San Francisco?

And great posts of late...


Alfonso Cevola said...

:)Marco - Thanks, I'm all Bice'd out for now.

:) Wolfgang - Thanks - I think another group of Vias folks were in Calif, not sure where..

Unknown said...

Damn... sorry we missed it!

Anonymous said...

The Vin Santo from Riseccoli is a pretty unique experience, never had such a delicious nectar and their Chianti Classico is at last a truly terroir Chianti Classico made with passion and tradition. It really reflects the unique identity of the Tenuta. The Riseccoli Riserva is so elegant, complex and deep, the Saeculum is out this world, rich, full bodied and intense but at the same time as balanced as a rope walker with a kind of italian refined elegance. How do you guys uncover such Gems? I want more of these sensual experiences. Thanks Riseccoli thanks Glaziers! John

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