Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vinitaly International Wine Competition 2012 : Day 1

Just a quick post as we run out to day 2. This is the 20th year for Vinitaly Wine Competition and this marks the first year where they hold the judging at a time other than the fair. This makes sense, in that the fair organizers and the competitors can properly promote the opportunities. A couple of quick observations (after the jump):

  • There are not quite 3,000 entries. I would have guessed more, but this allows for a good, sensible pace in evaluating the wines.

Tight security for the wines
  • The judging criteria is well thought out with a one page sheet. Judges assess the wines individually. There is no outside influence and one can work at their own pace, get into their own groove. Pretty good method and I applaud the organizers, Mr. Martelli and his staff, for such worthy organization.
  • The wines have been vetted. They have to have some basis in reality, some provenance. So we shouldn't be dealing with made up wines.
  •  The young sommeliers who are pouring and decanting the wines are polished, professional and serious. This is the future of service in the Italian wine industry. In talking to them, few, if any, know of the Master Sommelier program in the US ( and UK). Just an observation, not a criticism. They do, however see their life being in wine, not as a path to fame and fortune. Very professional, very serious, very committed. And we need them.

Everyone has a camera in these times
  • One of the fellows in my panel, Duṡan Brejc, from Slovenia, is a winemaker and marketing pro. We have had interesting après ski talks about some of the wines, including one white which I offered might be an orange wine. He agreed this might be the case. We also lamented last night not being able to find an Amarone that was dry enough.
  • The hotel is within walking distance from the Vinitaly fairgrounds, so those of us who want to stretch their legs, can do so. Nice amenity. All around the organization has been spot on. But we are in the Veneto. Even the Sopa de fasioi (Pasta e Fagioli) was perfect. We all love beans and pasta, don’t we? And it went very well with a straight up Valpolicella.

More later. So far, so good.
Not just for wine: cleaning up the fairgrounds from the horse show

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Valerie said...

I look forward to reading more! I remember how serious the somms were in the Chianti Classico Consorzio with whom I worked 2 years ago...yet they were very kind to the crazy American with bad Italian & I learned a lot from them. Salute'

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