Thursday, November 01, 2012

Thanks for a Rockin' October!

October was an especially busy time on the wine trail in Italy. Traffic was up 28% from October of 2011. Before the wine blog awards were announced I had been thinking about taking the blog posts down from 2 a week to maybe 1. No reason in particular, just a busy life. But I kept plugging away. In October I posted 19 times, something I hadn’t done since May of 2010 when I was in Sicily. So thanks all for reading and keeping me motivated. For those of you who have been too busy or those who have told me, “You are posting too darn many times, I can’t keep up with them,” I will list the posts from the most popular on down. I have had a huge week of travel with wine dinners every night this week, in Dallas, Austin and Marfa. And with no end in sight for the foreseeable future.

So read on, if you care to. I will be posting as I care, too. Probably a little more than I should, but the tap has been turned on. There’s very little I can do about it.

October's posts in order of popularity: ( after the jump)

"James Suckling is dead"

Do you want to be a Master Sommelier? Fast-Track it in Italy for as little as €1044

A full-bodied approach to natural wine-making

Marziano Abbona Sulfite-Free Langhe Rosso - "No Amphora, No Nomblot, Just the Moon"   

What the world needs now is better tasting wine

The Secret to Buying Real White Truffles from Alba

My Tuscan Family Reunion

No more talks with Catholic wine rebels: Vatican official

A museum in Nizza Monferrato: the life and times of Arturo Bersano

Columbus Day in America and Corruption in Calabria – 100 YearsLater

What’s Old is New Again @LaScolcaWines

Tajarin and white truffles with @JuventusFC - this time withBarolo

A Gathering of Tomatoes, Olives and Harvest Songs in a Little Corner of Tuscany

Kinetic Graffiti and Sunburnt Sicilian Orange Wine in Milan

“The Last of the ’90 Paje’ - The First of the TartufiBianchi” – Aldo Vacca

The Difference between a Secret and a Lie

No two tastes for wine (or women) are alike

Hoja Santa Harvest in Dallas - One Down- Three To Go

Harvest Trail 2012 - First Stop - Piemonte

Thank you!

written and photographed by Alfonso Cevola limited rights reserved On the Wine Trail in Italy

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