Friday, February 11, 2011

Gli American wine bloggers conquer Italy? How about Italians try to conquer Italy first?

And so my fellow Italians,ask not what America can do for Italy; ask what Italy can do for Italy"

The flash on my camera is not working. It's stuck. So is Italy. As much as there is talk of wines being natural, we even go so far as to walk in the vineyards, pull up a stone and look under it, or tear out a piece of soil and see the live snails tearing up the matter, still there are elements in Italy that rip it out only to throw it up in the air. For what? To see where it will go? To see if it will fly?

Italy has their barking poodles too, Ron. Maybe the television shows are not as entertaining as American ones, Starsky and Hutch, CSI, Dexter. Maybe there is a need for blood. Or controversy.

Sometimes a Tocai is just a Tocai.
Really, it is just that. Now what, now that it is up in the air, where to go with it? Personally for me, the mission is to take something I have found and put it on my Nina's, Pinta's and Santa Maria's and try and find a home for it in the New World. Just like my grandfather who came to America, willingly of his own free will, except his mission was to find something in America to take back to Italy, namely Prima Materia, for his father's business. I am doing the opposite. America isn't broken that it needs me to fix it. But Italy is broken in places. Italy is like a beautiful woman that covers herself up with a Burkha because she doesn’t want anyone to see a scratch the cat made behind her ear.

Enough ragazzi. You bark, we hear you. Now how about coming out from behind the screen and run with us, maybe catch something and bite into it? Cut the Culatello, for Chrissakes.

That is the problem I see all over Italy, this malaise of spirit, that has people diverting their energy in action to making speeches on blogs instead of taking life, grabbing the balls and juggling this life we all have so very short a time.

Get out from behind your screens, virtual or actual, come again, I say to you, let's run up to the top of the Ronchi. It's warmer up there, the sun is shining there. We will have some coffee correto and take the days ahead of us to attack how to take Italy back in the hands of those who really love this country, not just the rewards they have manipulated, like wine in so many barriques. Come, I mean it; take your country and your wines back into your hands.

America is waiting on you.

So is Italy...


Marco Marcarini said...

Bravo, amico. Italia needs to re-source its own Prima Materia.

Ron Washam said...

OK, who's the blonde babe?

Poodles aren't unique to America, I'm sure. Yapping off in the corner thinking you're having an influence while the world passes you by is practiced by humans of all nationalities. Every damned Poodle thinks its barking is important. Even when no one is listening.

Really. Who's the hot babe? I have to meet her.

Michele Connors said...

Love. Italy could move light years ahead if only the Italians would get out of their own way. The world capital of self-sabotage! Back to the Berlusca scandal, all this "thinking" is distracting me from the real news!

Monica Pisciella - Wineup said...

Ciao Alfonso,
I agree, I agree, I definitely agree with you.
I read many blogs every day, it's part of my job, so I read Italian, English, American, Greek blogs.

Nowhere in the whole world is like Italy, and I am sad telling it.
There are some blogs everyday telling the same things, with the blogger drinking wine as it was a job and writing compulsively always the same things. But writing every day!

And other writing as they were the real truth, the only truth. I call them "maestrini" (in English it sounds like little and sad teachers, always up on the teacher desk.
And those stirring unuseful arguments up, just to let people at each other's throat in the comment list and increasing the share of the blog.

I have a blog, I used to write about the ecnomic side, the business of wine. But In the last year I fed up with all this noise and I am writing less.

I love your approach, wine has to be lived and has to be shared.
Some Italian people thinks and talk too much about living...instead of living! Then they get angry and they bark to the moon because someone else has the energy to define a goal and walk straight to it.

Come and visit Collio, come and visit Piemonte, come and live Italian wine with your American friends and bloggers.

Come and simply enjoy Italy.



jack said...

mai assaggiato un vino che non sia italiano..sinceramente un vino statunitense lo berrei per curiosità i vini italiani..e con la loro storia credo che non abbiano paragoni... lascia un commento sul mio blog

Samantha Dugan said...

Ron My Love,
That was your internet wife! See what happens when I go away for a few forget me. Sniff....sniff. I adore you!

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