Saturday, February 19, 2011

Deep Dishin' and Dolcetto in da 'burbs- Ain't Life Sweet?

Just a quickie, ‘cause we’re on the run, with the family and hanging out in the East Bay. Last night we opted for Deep Dish Pizza and Dolcetto. With a Trader Joe’s a block away and a downpour, I headed into one of my old haunts. Wow, has TJ’s changed since I first went into the place back in the '70's. Lots of private labels and a generally dismal wine selection. Thank God Ceri @ Biondivino left us with a killer bottle of Rosso from Montalcino.

But there was a little bottle of Dolcetto begging me to take it home. Ok, not great, but @ 6.99, not bad either. Better than the mystery bastardo Nerello the wine guy was trying to sell me on. “These use indigenous grapes that we can’t put on the label” Yeah, right. A quick glance on the back label told me the importer ( whom we call the "wine criminals" back home, because nobody can import an Amarone to sell in the US for $17, unless it ain’t the real deal).

Jeesh, where have you gone Trader Joe? That pitch was downright embarrassing. Anyway I grabbed the Dolcetto and a private label red from a French producer (it made great vinegar) and headed home to the deep dish delight.

Not exactly my thang, but it went great with the Dolcetto and the new baby. Life in da ‘burbs, ain’t it sweet?

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Tracie P. said...

how was the pizza? as yummy as that baby?

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