Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Funny Roman Valentine

Rome, ah, Roma. Three times this year I have slept in your arms. Three times we’ve met, if only for a moment. Still, you remain eternally young and ancient at the same time.

Rome is a childhood sweetheart of mine, whom I stay in touch with, if only from a distance. When I was younger, Rome was like a grandmother to me; large, imposing, wise, ancient. As I spent more time in Rome, she became a mother, a lover, a friend, a muse. Rome, all these emotions over a city that will never know I ever stepped in her shadows.

As I have moved through the streets this year, thrice, the passion for wandering the streets at night have been fulfilled. Rome is a constant passegiata, a pageant of fashion and feeling in time through all epochs. Walking the streets at night is a dreamlike experience, one that I can consciously recognize and not have to wake up from. Hungry? There are many places to assuage the hunger. Thirsty? Anything and everything is ready, available. Lonely? How could one feel that in a city that around every corner there is an experience waiting for the lone traveler or the band of voyagers?

No, Rome doesn’t disappoint in the realm of the senses. Perhaps those senses are too far out front for the cerebral ones. That Caravaggio moment, lurking in every little alley. The philosopher might need to climb a hill or two to find deeper meaning. If not, there is many an edifice with which one can ponder time, mortality, passion. It’s all there, in one town, like I have never seen anywhere else.

It became embarrassing. I was beginning to know Paris better than Rome. Not that I don’t love Paris. But Rome, it’s family. And Paris, well I am just company in that city. Well kept and well fed, but sans paternita. But this year we connected, reignited the passion I have felt every time I came through her portals.

Now Rome is coming to me. After the next holiday, Thanksgiving, I have an appointment with a Roman institution; it seems they have planted vines, made wine. Need to find a way to bring to wine to the outside world. We will see, I am not a gentle one in these regards. Time is fleeting, and we have not room for wasting it.

We will see. I have seen how the cooking of Rome, when it comes to America, changes to a fraction of what it really is in that ancient, decrepit city that makes everything that comes out of a kitchen taste wicked and timeless and sensual and sinfully forgivable. We will see about the wine.


tasteofbeirut said...

Your lyrical post on Rome reminded me of one of my favorite book, that takes place in Rome " Letters from Capri" (Soldati). I have read this book so much the pages fell off and now I need a new one. Anyway, Soldati was also in love with Rome, I think, in a non conventional way, he expresses it very well in this book.

'na cica de vino said...

beautiful rome... i hope to return soon... maybe we will meet there sometime. meanwhile i have to check out le lettere da capri...

Marco Romulo said...

A great paean to Roma.

"I have traveled a great deal in my life and very much would have liked to go to Rome. Pompeii alone was more than enough...In 1912 I was on a ship from Genoa-Naples. As the vessel neared the latitude of Rome...out there lay Rome the still smoking and fiery hearth from which ancient cultures had spread, enclosed in the tangle rootwork of the Christian and Occidental Middle Ages. There clssical antiquity lived in all its splendour and ruthlessness...Certainly Rome can be enjoyed esthetically like Paris or Lonodon... if you are affected to the depths of your being at evry step by the spirit that broods there...then it becomes another matter entirely.
In 1949, I wished to repair this omission, but was stricken with a faint while I was buying tickets. After that, the plans for a trip to Rome were once and for all laid aside.

CG Jung "Memories, Dreams, Reflections"

Jacy said...

Rome is a place where you really would love to stay to visit amazing places, eat good foods. Will await that Roman wine you mentioned.

Jacobsebastian said...

Wonderful Rome... I ever visited Rome last year and I hope to return there with my wife. Well, your picture are great!

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