Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the cumulative furor over the raisins

Nothing. Just a bunch of random tweets I have been gathering, some of you folks might recognize a line or two. Inspired by a piece I read by Jonathan Safran Foer in the New Yorker, which had nothing to do with twittering, although the style of writing inspired this post, after the jump:

My website is broken. This is not nice. Your eggplant pic reminded me of when I waited for a strawberry to

ripen as a kid.I planted watermelon this year and will be making Sicilian "gelo". i want to come to Sweden....

maybe in September.Thanks, I'm only going away for three days to celebrate midsummer. there's enough red in the

background! another red head would just be too much on the eye! thank you yes on the mend.oh do you do that

regularly? Lucky them!and more horseradish by all accounts.Well that and riding in the rain! I wish I could

double follow you for the Radiohead remark. I just don't *get* it. Man, you are so annoying.FYI i am an organ

donor probably A+ class.I am about to eat airport quiche. Because I apparently angered the gods. Tanned is a

given. Ill take him a little pink. if the bus shows up, which is already late. Such a Princess! She did so

amazing on the boat. Yes, they know, but most don't care. I take it with a grain of salt.I told him the only

thing he should say to her is "never contact me again". He wants to have dinner but I cannot endure more of

this.Bayonet shopping in Philadelphia. First time ever that I remember living in a town home to 'spies'.Got home

to a destroyed house it's going to take a week just to clean this place. When I see people power washing their

driveways, I begin to feel incredibly guilty about never mopping my floors. Ha, love the cumulative furor over

the raisins. Charred peaches on panna cotta chaise, topped w cilantro tufts. Bourbon to finish. good for her -

she hung in there!More details. Blind date? How did you get out of there? It feels like I didn't even go to bed

last night.trapped! on the border of Tarragona c/1 new yorker, 1 california, 1 valencian and 1 catalunian,

plenty of trapet. please never find me. And a great pleasure to be at your place today. Loved that sausage.see

you in guantanamo. There are things you never expect to hear. Like 'The pirate has the captain. What do we do,


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