Thursday, June 24, 2010

Conjuring Cognacious Consultations with a Major Urban Poet

from the "Shake your money maker" files

Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris, in Italia Blue and
yours truly, aka Italian wine guy, in Armani Blue.

Sometimes the work just kinda gets to you. After a couple of hard hitting weeks with Italian winemakers, export managers and winery owners, yesterday I took a ride to one of our warehouses to pick up some more wine for a day of presentations. Roaming the halls, a colleague poked her head out the door. “AC, come in here, there’s someone you ought to meet. Bring your camera.”

Sure enough, inside the meeting room, none other than Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris, was kicking off the brand launch of his Cognac, Conjure.

Chris was decked out all right fine in Italian Soccer Blue, fitting as we’re in the midst of World Cup fever all across the world.

My colleague, Jamie, likes to have her picture taken in this style with famous celebs. I couldn’t refuse her wishes (neither could Ludacris) - so there you have it – and yes, this is work, in a sense (meetings are work, aren't they?). Chris is uber-excited about this project, his enthusiasm was contagious in the normally sedate sales room.

The Sprit at the center of attention yesterday? Conjure Cognac – It sure went down smooth after a hard day pounding in the Texas sun trying to make sense of Italian wine in Flyover Country.

One of the best guys in the biz, Brian "Soopafly" Hogan.
Over 6 Million Served. Thanks, Brian, for making it happen

Now where’d I put my seersucker Blazer?

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