Friday, June 04, 2010

40 years ago: Lyrics Written Blue...

...still ring true

I find it hard to get riled up about HR5034 or the Brunello mess or the use of sulfur in wine or the overuse of barrels in winemaking when I look south to the Gulf of Mexico and witness a disaster of Biblical proportions. I am sick at heart over this rape of our Mother Earth for the sake of letting folks storm down highways at breakneck speeds in their air-conditioned tanks.

Sorry to be such a bummer blogger today, but this is what is occupying my mind and breaking my heart.

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Man's a filthy creature
Raping the land and water and the air
Tomorrow may be too late?
Now's the time that you must be aware
Nature's disappearing
Polluted death is coming, do you care?

Garbage going nowhere
Soon the dumps will spread to your front door
Lakes and rivers stagnant
Nothing lives or grows like years before
Nature's disappearing
The world you take for granted ... soon no more

Read about pollution
Make manufacturers uncomfortable
Boycott at the market
Containers that are non-returnable
Aluminum, glass or plastic
Eternal waste that's not destructible

We're of a generation
That may live out our natural time
But as for all our children?
Born to suffocate in human slime
Nature's disappearing
And we are guilty of this massive crime
-John Mayall

From "USA Union" (Polydor 1970) - Produced by John Mayall w/ Sugarcane Harris, Harvey Mandel, Larry Taylor "After the breakup of the drummer-less Turning Point band, I moved to Los Angeles and put together my first band of American musicians. I was very aware of the comparatively new concept of ecology and wrote this song to encourage people to recycle. The searing and moving violin of Sugarcane Harris still gives me shivers." (John Mayall)

If you would like to contribute to the wildlife rescue effort from the oil spill, you can donate online or mail a check, payable to Tri-State Bird Rescue, to 110 Possum Hollow Rd, Newark, DE 19711. You can also become a member of Tri-State or "Adopt-a-bird".


Samantha Dugan said...

Not a "bummer blogger" kid. It's an important message, a responsible message told by a passionate, compassionate soul....

Jim said...

And it will not go away anytime soon. It does dwarf our trivial world.

Thomas said...

Just got back from a few days away and after reading this entry I realized how much gasoline it took for me to go and return just to judge a few wines.

Every one of us is part of the problem as long as we fail to force a policy of alternative energy on the blowhards and ineffective politicians of DC, not to mention the corrupt bastards in the so-called regulatory bodies.

This morning, as I looked at a few pictures of oily wild life, I felt both rage and sadness for what we do to this earth.

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