Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stefano Illuminati's Big Night @ Sausage Paul's

I had never seen Paul DiCarlo so happy. He was bubbly. Bubbly! And giddy too - a sign that Spring is near. He was cooking for Stefano Illuminati and this was gonna be a Big Night.

As Damian Mandola is accomplished in his penetration of America with his brand of Italianism, Paul cuts a different swath. Fiercely proud, a single store operator. Always on duty. Family Man. Huge gift of a man to Italian wine and food. Paul really does keep the world safe for Italian wine. An Italian-American Ambassador Emeritus.

The place that he and his siblings run, what I call the Greatest Italian wine and food store in America, is one of a handful of places I have found in my life where the doors to things Italian, the work of my life, are wide open.

In a world filled with the daily pressures of competition, quotas and vast expectations, it’s a rare thing to have a place like Paul’s where one can bring their friends and their friend’s treasures from the Italian earth and celebrate them in such a simple and direct manner with the people of one’s community. It really does make it all worthwhile.

Grazie, amici.

Cooking for 40 people, 7 wines, multiple courses. Teamwork. All family on deck.

Precious, simply precious.

There goes the diet!

Day 4, wine dinner #2 - A full week - Stefano is a rock star!

Filling orders faster than we can take them

Final moments, the raffle and a nod to the Abruzzo flag

Just one order of many in a Sold Out Night. Stefano and Joe cart it out to one very happy (and lucky) client

Two more days to go.


Marco Marsala said...

I like the size of Paul's wine glass.

Tracie P. said...

i like the size of that osso!

Topham Beauclerk said...

What a great tribute to Paul and to Jimmy's! We're SO lucky to have Jimmy's in Dallas.

Unknown said...

I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with Stefano in Controguerra. He was a rock star and an outstanding host. 4 hours and 8 bottles later at a little restaurante call LaSosta and life will never quite be the same!

Unknown said...

We were fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with Stefano in Controguerra. He was definately a rock star and an oustanding host. 4 hours and 8 bottles of wine later at a little restaurante called LaSosta and I was a changed man! Simply amazing.

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