Sunday, March 28, 2010

Duex De Pâques with my Pu-er-ile Peeps in Paris

A short stopover in Paris on our way to the 2009 Primeurs in Bordeaux. And while the reason for the visit is to taste the Bordeaux 9 and get a feel for the latest vintage of the decade, we had to stop in Paris, one of my favorite cities on this little green orb we call Earth.

But first, le acclimatation. And the only proper way is to drink a little wine, eat a little cheese and sample chocolate from two of the best sources in the world, Denise Acabo’s A l’Etoile D’Or and Jacques Genin’s eponymous and very tony chocolate boutique. Denise had the peeps that make all the rest shrivel in embarrassment for their lowly origin.

More on these two places soon, along with the wonderful (and way over-the-top) cheese plate served to our table at the venerable Restaurant Astier. Cheese, chocolate, wine and how to restore oneself, but with the rare and wonderful Pu Er, (a vintage 1998 harvest tea).

I am posting this on the fly; we have an early appointment with a barrel sample at Chateau Margaux.

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Samantha Dugan said...

You are making me ache for my beloved France....

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