Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Tank of Gas

Clark's Outpost ~ Tioga, Texas ~ Hugo's hands, 93 years
young and still building Model-T's, 30 hours a week.

During the off hours, we've covered a lot of ground this past week, visiting relatives, seeing sights and uncovering a story or two. A little visual lagniappe for Sunday, give everyone a little break from the verbal meanderings; let you all get caught up.

A mini waltz across Texas, on a tank of gas, from Tioga to Strawn to Temple and back. The cool pool awaits, so you all sit in your rooms and stare at the screen or come out, as it pleases you. I’m heading for my back yard, and a little sun and silence. Happy summer, y'all.

Berry picking in Aubrey

Country "Guest House"

The Spider's Lair

Mary's Cafe ~ Strawn, Texas ~ Ray Price concert announcement and oyster warning (the only oysters served here are the Rocky Mountain kind)

Freshly Fried Chicken Livers ~ West Texas fois gras

Chicken Fried Steak done the right way, pounded and skilleted up, not deep fried; with a side of real Texas pomme frites and okra

High Noon in West Texas for the Italian Wine Guy

Something you'll never see in New York City

Chinese revival mansion in Temple, Texas

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Gondolas? We don't need no stinkin' gondolas

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