Friday, June 13, 2008

Headlines & Quotes ~ Interns & Avatars

Excuse me, but I have just had one of the best food and wine combinations of the year. I was out with friends to an outdoor concert with picnic food. They brought fried chicken and I brought a bottle of Pio Cesare Arneis. Holy Mother of God, was that a match made in Heaven. Give it a try sometime, no kidding. OK, back to business.

This was the week I was quoted but this wasn’t the week my “deal” came through, whatever that is ‘sposed to mean. Anyway, it’s Friday the 13th, so I thought a little “spoof” would be a fun way to end the week.

All kidding aside, there were a few notable quotes from a local mag and a Houston paper. Earlier in the week I got an email about a wine blogger conference in Sonoma in October. The day before I was invited to participate in a series of Italian seminars across the country, sponsored by the Italian Trade Commission. We shall see.

Press is good – Sales is mo’ bettah. And this week I have been pounding the pavement, like I promised. With more to come. Austin, Houston, I’s a comin’.

About my Intern-Avatars. Here in flyover country we need ways to help us carry the message and I am in the throes of trying to decide which new Intern-Avatar I should choose. We have narrowed it down to two.

The hottie and the nerd.

I’m kind of leaning toward the nerd, as she seems to have a better sense of her place in the world. And it seems she has a more timeless design sense. Of course she can be a little blasé. Please feel free to comment.

These are not a real people. This is not a real post. Except for the quotes. They are real.

So were the chicken and the Arneis.

OK, back to business.


Unknown said...

Arneis is written about in today's WSJ wine column.

Have you tried it with Ain't No Mo' Butter Cakes?!

Gastropoda said...

LOL. I like the nerd, too; hotties are so common. Now I have to get my hands on the arneis; I didn't believe the delicious duo in the WSJournal.

Tracie P. said...

evviva la secchiona!

John said...

It's quite cold in the UK at the moment, so the 'hottie' wins.

Marco said...

good fried chicken with tang is ok by me. minus the tang. if there is a church of the fried chicken, i would worship there.
maria grazia cucinotta makes your hottie look like a borderline nerd;)

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