Friday, May 23, 2008

Sweet Surrender

Finally, all is quiet. It's past midnight and I’ve poured the last glass of 2005 J.J. Prum Graacher Himmelreich Spatlese. Way off the Italian wine trail, and loving every sip.

It’s been a long week. I’m ready to pack it up and take the long weekend. Been getting ready for a seminar I’m co-opting with the resident Master Sommelier, Sir Guy. A few days in New Orleans, for training and education at the Society of Wine Educators annual get together. Our seminar, as Sir Guy named it, Don’t pass over Ripasso, will be lots of fun. After all, we will be in the Crescent City. A little red wine, some jazz, many, many seminars, but all I can think about right now is this glass of Riesling.

Graacher Himmelreich, Heaven will reign. A white goddess this Riesling is and all these years, though I love Italian wine with all of my being, there has to be room for Riesling. When I first started out in this business, I was so damn lucky to be exposed to wines from the Mittelmosel, they are my Burgundy. There, I’ve said it.

I’ve had more site traffic in the past two days than all of April, and traffic has been growing steadily, like the price of a barrel of oil. I was Uber-Googled this week.

Speaking of oil, this Graacher sure makes something conceptually repugnant, the smell of fusel oil, pretty wonderful. And how can something so sweet be so wonderfully wine? We are all taught to shun sweet wine, but I am over it many moons ago. I could drink this wine every night. A big thanks and shout out to Marco for the gift of Graacher.

So doors seem to be opening, traffic is up, good wine is flowing, a long weekend is upon us and another trip in the wings, this time to New Orleans.

New Orleans, the American canary in the coal mine. At least since Katrina. Our poor little town, such a sadness that even Riesling cannot remove.

So, we will wait and sip and rest. Sweet surrender.

Images from Plan 59


  1. Came across your blog yesterday; love Italy and the wines. I hope to become a regular visitor, but must also thank you for the link you had on an earlier post to the photos by Vittorio. First time I had seen his stuff as well, so two good hits from one visit. Here in the UK it's a Bank Holiday, so we can almost guarantee rain for the weekend.

  2. Traitor, drinking sweet German wine again;) Glad you liked it, amico. Maybe you should look into a publicist during the summer lull.
    Enjoy your time in New Orleans, but that's a given.

  3. i'm in latent discovery of how beautiful fossil fuel can be! can't wait to go scoprendo down that road too...

  4. You have made me sweet with envy right about now... KC

  5. Gosh, sounds like a nice life wine in Italy is quite exciting. These paintings are quite nice as well. Love to learn more about them!

  6. I am partly responsible for your increase in blog traffic. I have been reading,(okay, savoring) your writing and enjoying it almost as much as the wine info. I like your irreverent style, the saucy images you use, and I might just learn sumpin about vino.

    Thank you.

  7. Very interesting story , it was fun reading it. I will vist your blog again, I like reading interesting blogs

  8. I am going to be a regular visitor also good luck

  9. @ Sacha - thanks for stopping by. I like your writing

    @ DD - appreciate cha'

    @ Sf photog - catch the link and surf away.

    @ Tracie - settle for some Sammarco?

    @ K.C. - ;)

    @ r2k - nice 'shrooms

    @ John - Vittorio is a great
    shooter, I'd love to meet him.

    @ I.M.L. - dont be a stranger. stop by again

    @ Marco - more, more...

  10. The best combination in the world--Italy and wine! You captured their spirit and essence. Fun reading! Petra

  11. P.S. Highly recommend the film SIDEWAYS with Paul Giamati. If you've seen it, don't have to get into specifics. If haven't, it's about a hopeful/manic writer who lives in California and hits the wine tasting trail with his college buddy before his friend marries. Great fun. Petra

  12. I came across your blog by mistake but I don not regret it,it is a really nice story.

  13. call me a dumb American, but is it true they drink wine like water in Italy? I've heard it's at every lunch and dinner every day, my kinda place to live if I was rich!

  14. congratulation to all commentators!yes, i think,i will be a regular visitor,reader of the blogs


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