Friday, May 02, 2008

In the Italian Way

After five long days in Verona, and our after work gatherings in the local restaurants, the wine trails after Vinitaly 2008 led us to an array of wonderful restaurants. I have listed them below, with the exception of the little osteria in the hills above Trento. That one is my little secret.

In the last two weeks since returning from Italy I have posted about these restaurants. But I am sure someone will ask me someday for a nice list of places to eat and sleep in Northern Italy and this post will be my answer.

In the time I have been back from Italy, it has been a wild ride. All across Texas in four days, all the major markets, and back to Dallas for a Cotarella event, that was super VIP and muy importante. Traveling across the state and holding seminars and talking, all undertaken while sick, has taken its toll on this old dinosaur. For the past week I have been laying low, working from home when not out in the market with clients, and have been trying to piece myself back together, after taking myself to the edge.

But I am returning to health and sanity, and just in time for a little R&R to one of my favorite islands.

Before I sign off, a few pictures of folks in my world, at the table, enjoying food and wine, as it is meant to be in the Italian way.

One of the Great Gentlemen of Italian Wine

Dream Big

Laughter is the best digestivo

Entertained by Chef Ropeton's insults

Always take your consigliere with you to Italy

It's Passover and you can't find a Menorah, how about a sorbetto-labra?

The Restaurants

Ristorante Chiesa
Di Alessandro Chiesa
38100 Trento
Parco S. Marco

Ristorante Gualtiero Marchesi
L’Albereta Locanda in Franciacorta
Via Vittorio emanuele, 23
25030, Erbusco – Brescia
+39 0307760562

Enoclub Ristorante
Piazza Savona, 4
+ 0173 33994

Piazza Duomo Ristorante
Piazza Risorgimento 4
12051 Alba, Cuneo

Il Vigneto
Restaurant and Country House
Localita Ravinali 19/20
12060, Roddi
+39 0173 615630

Take a bow, Adelmo


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Nice round up of restaurants, food photos and friends.

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