Wednesday, November 22, 2006

An Essential Ingredient for the Holidays

Yes, Virginia, it's very important to pick out the perfect wine to go with the perfect turkey, or lobster, or hot dogs, whatever meal you will have with your family or your friends or yourself. There are plenty of places online, newspapers, TV, all telling you what to eat, what to drink, what to drink with what you eat, who to drink it with and how to find the time to do it all. Fine. When you have figured all of that out, consider the attached video and what it might mean to you when you gather.
Advisory: the following video is uncharacteristically schmaltzy of me. My long-time friend, Patty , would approve.
What to bring to the gathering

Gotta go catch a *plane* - will post as soon as I'm able


Anonymous said...

I wish I had seen this before I spent the afternoon in Manhattan. I had tickets to see Nathan Lane in "Butley" but went first to the Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village to get some cupcakes to add to tomorrow's celebration. Miracle of miracles----I got a free parking space there in the village!
This made me so happy (and saved me at least $20) and I would have hugged anyone. Instead, I found it easier to be patient and not annoyed in line, on the subway and in the interminable traffic to get out of the
The guy with the sign reminded me of Donovan.
Much, much love,

David said...

Consigliere - Happy Thanksgiving!

Baciamo le mani.

Karen Page & Andrew Dornenburg said...

Thanks for posting this video on your Web site, which was a nice Thanksgiving treat! (Karen once got a hug from the "Free Hugs" guy in NYC's Washington Square Park.) We wouldn't disagree with you that hug-pairing is more important than food-and-wine pairing on a day like today...and whenever loved ones sit down to the table together. We just think it's even *more* pleasurable to elevate everyone's experience with some well-paired food and drink, such as the great matches listed in WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT!

Delicious wishes of the season,
Karen & Andrew

Italian Wine Guy® said...

Hello Karen and Andrew:

Thanks for checking in. All the best with your book. It looks like it is getting great response. Of course, I agree that well paired food and drink is important (disclaimer: that's the business I'm in too). And from what I can tell there are many folks out there who need guidance. So if your book can reach a wider audience, I'm all for it.

I am hopeful that if enough wine-and-food-loving people get motivated, then perhaps some retailers and restaurant owners will honor the evolution of taste and respond with thoughtful choices in their stores and on their wine lists.

From what I am seeing in some of these establishments, perhaps they should also be reading *more* books like yours. If not, the marketplace may pull (or drag) them to a place where the foodie or diner is going. I sure hope so.

Stay in touch and thanks for stopping by.

Alfonso Cevola

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great post. Indeed, we need a lot more hugging and less fighting in this world.


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