Sunday, November 15, 2020

An introvert’s guide to Italy (and Italian wine) in the era of Covid-19

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James Biddle said...

My academic background won't let me alone--sometimes it even helps. I know that we taste with our mind as well as with our nose and taste buds. That initial sniff of a newly opened "favorite" Italian wine can capture a host of memories that infuse the wine with substance and context. No one can convince me that I'm not in that longed-for spot; as long as I chose to cling to my Italian-state-of-mind, all of my senses will happily transport me home.

James Biddle

Marco said...

You might have heard this. It is the same vein as those grains of sand in the hourglass. Marcello Mastroianni had a friend from Naples who said that life is like standing on a balcony for a while. Then the shutters close all too soon.

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