Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Zombies and VR, supermarket bargains and wine shop $100 gems – what I’m writing, off the wine trail in Italy

While this site is primarily my web log of thoughts, emotions and observations from the wine trail (mainly in Italy), since I have “retired” I’ve written a few pieces for the Dallas Morning News. If you missed them, here they are. I’m doing more of these and enjoy the creative process. Currently working on a piece about natural wine. And no, it isn’t controversial. But it will be informative and will offer helpful guides along the way. Look for it, in the future, in the Dallas Morning News. Thanks for reading.

Wine treasure hunt: How we found some of the best $100 deals in Dallas

Dallas wine expert says these are the best bottles to buy at the grocery store

Zombies in the grocery aisle? New app brings wine labels to life

(* Note: The Dallas Morning News is a subscription site, but the first few articles can be read for free. If you have an ad-blocker on, turn it off. and if you get a pop-up telling you to subscribe because your free articles have already been read, go into your tools/options/privacy & security area and clear out your dallas news cookies, and you should be able to browse the articles.)

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