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Sicily 2014: Palermo "Full Immersion" ~ Food

Eggplants at Mercato di Capo - Palermo
Full immersion is just what it means. We land in Palermo and drop the luggage at the hotel and hit the streets. First La Vucciria and the Capo open markets. A trattoria and an osteria, and a small event with elevated street food. And that’s just the food.

This is complete vanity. Palermo is a fascinating place. These are the highlights. The wine will follow. But there is a saying in Sicily, “Porta cu tia e mancia cu mia” (Bring the food and eat with me).

Without food, wine is incomplete.

Palermo is a walking city and walk we did. All around the old historic center, two of the important open markets, a special selection of local spots and a trip to a macabre spot, the Catacombe dei Cappuccini. It’s always good to remember we will not be here forever, regardless of our wealth or our station in life.

That said, these last two days were a dream. Every time I thought I was near someplace I was looking for it was a matter of a block or two away. My life as a tour guide, albeit a short one, is looking good so far.

For now we are on our way into the country of Sicily. Harvest is on. We are here also for the wine. For now, feast your eyes on the food, some of the most glorious food in Italy. But we are in Sicily, which is another reality. You must come.

Zucca, Broccolo and Cuccuzza at Mercato di Capo - Palermo

Street Food
Gioacchino Campanella - Buon “quarumaru” and the search for the quintessential Pane ca Meusa

Gioacchino Campanella ~ Buon “quarumaru” outside Mercato di Capo

Sausage Paul enjoying a beer and Gioacchino Campanella's Pane ca Meusa
"Elevated" Street Food

Street Food - Pizzette and Crocchè Palermitane

Street Food - Caponata di Melanzane

Street Food - antipasti- pomodori, funghi, melanzane
Street Food - Panelle, fritelle

Street Food - Parmigiana di melanzane

Street Food - Sarde fritte
Trattoria Ai Cascinari
Trattoria Ai Cascinari - polpette di melanzane
Yes, eggplant

Trattoria Ai Cascinari - Insalata Palermitane

Trattoria Ai Cascinari - Panelle & Fritelle Misti

Trattoria Ai Cascinari - Pesce Spada al trancio

Osteria Ballarò
Insalata di Mare - Osteria Ballarò

Gamberoni marinati alla "Siciliana"

Spaghetti alla Ballarò - vongole, ricci, gamberi
Espresso ristretto - not lungo, not doppio...

Thanks to Manuela Laiacona for her always invaluable guidance...

Sicily 2013: Palermo "Full Immersion"

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