Sunday, May 04, 2014

From Italy to Argentina to Texas – A Buffalo Gap Sagra

You see it often in Italy. A celebration. Of pasta, of tomatoes, of zucchini flowers. Especially during harvest season, as one drives along the roads of Italy, there are signs of local celebrations, or Sagras, as they are known. Deep in the heart of West Texas, it isn’t harvest season. But our friends from Argentina are in the midst of gathering grapes to make wine. A few of them took a long weekend off to join us in our annual celebration at Perini Ranch, the Buffalo Gap Wine and Food Summit, in its 10th year.

This post will be short on words and long on images. One of the great festivals in Texas for food and wine, Buffalo Gap has retained its “aw shucks” style of simplicity. Lisa and Tom Perini, are on their way to New York to accept a James Beard Foundation 2014 America’s Classics Award, given to restaurants “that have timeless appeal and are beloved for quality food that reflects the character of their community.” Our little ‘ol national treasure, just a hop, skip and a jump from Abilene, is bringing home the medallion. But what makes Perini Ranch and the Buffalo Gap Summit great is that everybody hangs out, talks, drinks, eats and even dances together. No long queues, no Madison Avenue hype, just great weather, wine and food. It’s pretty wonderful. Thank you Lisa and Tom, and all the wonderful folks that make it happen.

Francis Mallmann working the fire
This year the special chef guest was Francis Mallmann, who brought his team to prepare his Seven Fires feast. Meat of all kinds, accompanied by wines from Argentina, California and Texas.

The following night there was a walk-around with Texas chefs, foods and more libations. Again the weather was co-operating, the light breeze kicked up just enough of the red dust (terroir to y’all) to season everything with a fine grit of Texas. Just kidding. Great event.

To my friends in Italy and France and Asia and all around the USA, you all need to come to Texas and witness this before it disappears under the mantle of progress. It is a unique event and one I would venture to tag with the title of indigenous pleasure.

Until then, enjoy the pictures, and try not to drool. There are no trophy wines, no steaks dry-aged for 200+ days, no gratuitous "selfies". Just a lot of love and care and community, in our very own Sagra in Buffalo Gap, Texas.

Roughage - fire seared oranges "from the Valley"

They like 'em long in Texas

Justin & Diane Fourton, Pecan Lodge, Dallas

Justin's BBQ glove

Matt McCallister, chef-owner FT33 in Dallas with
Maqui Siracusa of Escorihuela Gascón, Mendoza

Felipe Stahlschmidt, winemaker at Alamos in Mendoza,
took precious time from his harvest to join us


Fort Worth's Jon Bonnell served up Buffalo Frito Pie the classic way

Gene Estes Lost Oak Winery and his Texas Shee-raz

Pat Brennan's lovely Malbec Rosé

Duchman's Texas High Plains Aglianico

Kim McPherson: the man, the myth, the legend

Kim's High Plains Roussanne
Tempranillo two-steps with Lenoir

Non c'è due senza tre - GSM blend from Pedernales

Texas Tempranillo

♫ Roll another one ♫
Thass right!

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