Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Milestone on the Wine Trail in Italy

Dec 28, 2005, eight years ago, I started On The Wine Trail Italy. There weren't a lot of wine bloggers back then. Hell, electricity had just been discovered a few years before and the internets were still in diapers. But here we are now, 1,100 blog posts and millions of hits later. Thanks, Tracie, for being my first commenter. Now you have a husband and two kids because of it.

Thank you all for reading, encouraging and putting up with my twice weekly posts all these years. I'm not done yet. Not by a long shot.

Just getting warmed up over here...

And yes, I will post Italian Wine in 2014 - Personal Strategies for Collecting - Part II, next week.

After I write ( and post) The O-N-D Winelovers Diet.

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Unknown said...

who could have known that my life's path was put in motion with that one little comment!! wow, meeting you quite literally changed my life. and to think how small the blogging circle was back then...

we wish y'all the happiest of new years and lots of love from the atx :)

Intensieve berggeiten said...

From the Netherlands...Congrats!!! I`m a true follower, love your posts

Continue the good stories from Italy

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