Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sicily 2013: Palermo Street Scenes

Parental Advisory: Some of these images might make you hungry

We're far from the dog days of summer but that was no consolation
for this poor little  abandoned dog near the train station
I’m deep in the heart of Sicily now and the Wi-Fi is irregular. I thought to put this post up, shots of street scene in Palermo on the one day I was there, which was the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. Palermo is an epicenter for street food and many of the vendors have disappeared into history. Two that remain are Zio Toto and Giochinno Campanella, near the al Capo neighborhood, where there is also a famous outdoor market. Feast your eyes on the food and the scenes. It was a hot day in Palermo.

Later on in the evening we headed towards the cooler coast and finished off the day with the catch of the day in Sferracavallo, a marine Borgata nearby Palermo

Sicilians are a gregarious bunch and when it comes to the fruits of the sea, they jostle for a place at their favorite table, lined up along the shore.

The legendary "Zio Toto" and his thirst quenching mandarini verdi
di Sicilia drink from one of the last chioschi Palermitani
Gioacchino Campanella slicing tongue for a family meal
Gioacchino Campanella pulling out the hoofs and the nerves for a street snack
Gioacchino Campanella - Buon “quarumaru” - a è uno dei
più antichi venditori di cibo da strada a Palermo. Da 30
anni col suo carretto offre i tipici “quarume” e “mussu”.

Caponata made by Gaetano's mom
Gaetano of Da Mimi with his Longhorn tattoo

potato and parsley croquettes and panelle (fried chickpea polenta)

Ignazio making arancini at Da Mimi

sfincione from Da Mimi

The old family home on Via Roma, #97

lumache making a run for freedom


beans and tomatoes

night street food vendor at La Vucciria market



seafood catch

fresh swordfish

Via Giardinaccio

Menu and tablecloth in one
Fresh seafood

Cusumano Insolia

written and photographed by Alfonso Cevola limited rights reserved On the Wine Trail in Italy
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The pesce spada fresca porticello @17€ for a kilo is still very good value compared to here. You don't need to type any text. The photos are enough amico. Travel safe.

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