Thursday, April 04, 2013

Vinitaly XLVII - The Super Bowl of Italian Wine

Flashback: Vinitaly 14 - ICE president Luigi Deserti
welcomes Burton Anderson, John Mariani and Lou Iacucci
This’ll be quick, as it is late and I’m still packing for Vinitaly – I’ve been going to the Big Show for many years now. It all seems like yesterday. And some of the giants then are just memories now. That’s the way it is, isn’t it?

I’ll be there this year again, with a load of customers and colleagues and friends and a few surprises along the way. Bear with us, internet connections aren’t always so easy to get.

If you haven’t read it yet and you are coming to Vinitaly this year, print yourself a copy of this post:
First-Timer's Guide to finding the best bathrooms at Vinitaly along with a copy of the map I modified to show you where the best rest stops are – this post has generated massive traffic and it’s my way of honoring George Costanza, who had a fixation on the WC’s of NYC.

If you come to the Vinitaly 47 and have time, stop by the Bloggers Tête-à-tête Tuesday April 9 at 1:30PM in the new Bloggers area in the Palaexpo building 1st floor. I’ll be there along with first-timer Alder Yarrow, who writes the Vinography wine blog. Bring wine -(we have to have something to blog about, don’t we?)- I'm especially fond of Bellavista...

What else? For perspective let’s look at this:

Last year Vinitaly 46 hosted 156,000 people, and was considered a grand success.

This year in Chengdu, the wine fair hosted 260,000 people and generated over US $3.3 billion in sales in three days. I think I need to find a way to go to that fair next year before Vinitaly 48.

Anyone need some American bloggers in China next year? I know a couple who’d love to cover it (hint, hint).

Alright, it’s late, gotta grab some sleep – See y’all in Italy? Save some Col Fondo Prosecco for me, guys...

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