Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday is the New Monday, in Cleveland

What was I thinking? Catch a 9AM flight to Cleveland on the Sunday right when Daylight Savings starts? Yup, that’s what I did. Got up at 5AM (which was 4AM to my brain and body) and got myself (eventually) to the airport. Thought I’d have a window seat. Oops, that once in a blue moon upgrade to 1st class. Not bad, I can sleep on the plane. Oops, turbulence.

Plane lands. Good thing. Cab it to an afternoon Spring Winery Showcase with 55 Degrees Wine Company. That’s right, working it on a Sunday, along with some new Italian friends and in a beautiful room with some of the best Classic Rock I've heard in a long time ( The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was just down the street).

This has been a long-ass day – so y’all get the slide show. Good news is we all love what we do, exposing more people to Italian wine. So have a good luck, see if you recognize anyone. I’ll be in Ohio this week doing this over and over again. Monday in Columbus. Tuesday in Cincinnati. Come see us. Good times.

Michele Scamacca - Italian Wine Selections

Giorgia Tontodonati and Taliano Luciano - Az.Agr. Montaribaldi

Alessandro de Renzis Sonnino - Castello Sonnino

Andrea Cragnotti - Corte alla Flora in Montepulciano
 Natalie Oliveros of La Fiorita (Montalcino) in deep discussion with wine lover

Event organizer Alfred (Fredo) Laudato (L) and friends taking a photo break
Dan Hammer (R) with Cocchi Americano and Cocchi Vermouth

At the end of the day - kicking back with a bucket of Menabrea

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Dave said...

An interesting and taxing schedule but there is no place like Cleveland in winter..
the "slides" themselves were quite eye-catching – short depth of field, lovely exposure, crisp and detailed, almost Antonioni ("Blow-up" where the background held the answer)...
have you a new camera? Thanks for the lesson in capturing an audience..
i migliori auguri......

Alfonso Cevola said...

Hi Dave

Nikon D800

and Photoshop


tomhyland said...

Lovely photos, Alfonso!

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