Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Year's Miracle - 4 Years Strong

Some things are just too wonderful for words. Friends and colleagues, Giulo Galli and his wife Stacey, celebrated the fourth birthday of their son Leo in Italy. Leo is now a healthy little boy and and is embracing a world that four years ago he was fighting to stay in. He entered it a little soon (see the archived post after the break) but he is a fighter. And it looks like he is all boy. I hope all you wished come true Leo. And keep an eye on your dad, keep him off the motocross tracks for awhile, OK?

Happy New Years & Auguri Tutti!

Miracle in San Antonio - 2009

A rosé by any other name is Leonardo. This little guy, who looks strikingly like his handsome dad, Giulio and beautiful mom, Stacy and sister Gia, is Leonardo Galli. He came into this world not long after Jan 1 of this year, but way before he was “due.” At a little less than 2 pounds, little Leo, the young lion, roared into this world. On Mother’s Day weekend, he finally came home to live with his mom and dad and sister in San Antonio. Welcome to the world, Leo! We are so glad to see you, growing up so fast and healthy. I’m going to cry now.

But they’ll be tears of joy.

Somebody open up a bottle of Franciacorta Rosé, preferably Contadi Castaldi.

Good Times!

Little Leo with sister Gia and proud Papa

Leo the Warrior with Papa's wedding ring on his arm - long before he came home

Papa Giulio with a cold bottle of Maremma Rosé at Stout Vineyards in Blanco, Texas

Papa Giulio and sister Gia under the portico at Stout Vineyards in Blanco,Texas

Papa Giulio, sister Gia, Devin Broglie and IWG kicking back at Stout Vineyards in Blanco,Texas


Ron Washam, HMW said...

The photo of Leo with a wedding ring on his arm is the perfect picture of Hope.

Happy Birthday, Leo! You'll be glad you joined us.

franciacortausa said...

We hope you had that bottle of Franciacorta Contadi Castaldi!

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