Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Call

We’re not home 48 hours and I get the call. “Pack your bags, you’re needed in Italy. Flight leaves tomorrow at 10 AM.” Could it be that Italy and the wine gods are jealous of our latest infatuation with the New World?

Texas is hot, very hot. And we’re in a drought. And the politicians in our country are playing a mean game of roulette with the fragile economy. So why not, is Italy any worse? As long as they aren’t striking, let’s go see.

So off for a time on a work-related mission. Unpack. Pack. For two continents. For when I return I will go to the Society of Wine Educators conference in Providence Rhode Island to present on the wines of Southern Italy. The Ancient Ones resituated in Modern Times. I have been told the seminar is sold out, so I am very nervous. But hey, this is the life I chose. And it ain’t a bad one.

I will hopefully not be off the grid the whole time, but if I am, we’ll deal with it. I know I will. But I really do want to tell the stories from British Columbia and the wines and the Italian influence. I will. I promise.

And so, off the Canada Nature trail, bypassing the Texas Hotter than Hell trail and going straight back to the Wine Trail in Italy.

As we say back in Sicily, Vali cchiù un tistimonìu di visu, chi centu d'oricchia.

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