Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Two Most Important Words

A package arrived today. Sort of auspicious. A gift from a secret admirer? A promo puff piece from a P.R. company trying to sell me on writing a blog post for a mango flavored vodka?

I opened the box. And saw two wordsNeiman Marcus - good start. Then I opened it.

And saw two more words - Armani Collezioni – even better. It was a beautiful shirt, black and grey pattern (which I am favoring these days) gorgeous shirt and one that I would never think of buying for myself. Not because it isn’t beautiful and wonderful. It is. I’m just a bit more frugal. But I’ll take it!

And then I saw the two most important wordsThank You – from a couple who recently traveled to Italy. I had the pleasure of setting them up on a dream tour of Piedmont – some of my favorite places – three days in Nebbiolo country with many wonderful doors opened – a tour I would have taken, gladly, if I hadn’t just been there. But my friends at the wineries stood up and took care of my new friends.

The couple, a doctor Phil (no, not that one) and his wife and their friends, another couple, asked me to set them up. Friends of the CEO of my company, and mellow cool, LA folks. But man, the card, with those two words, thank you, that really made my day.

I put together trips for folks all the time and once in a while I get a note. Or a personal thank you like I got the last couple of days from friends here in my home town who were just in Italy and visited places I set them up with. And I love to do it for my friends. But these kind folks, I really didn't know. And you never know how deep they want to go or how much the visit will mean to them. It looks like it really clicked this time. Which makes this Italian wine guy Very Happy. And I gotta say “Thank You” to Dr. Phil and his wife for the thoughtful gesture. And an even bigger "Thank You" to all the winery folks who made it possible.

And I am really loving the new Armani addition in the closet. I might even wear it next week in Austin for the big shindig.


Samantha Dugan said...

That is The Awesome. Good for you and even better for the appreciate folks that went out of their way to send you a gesture of their appreciation. Lovely.

Tracie P. said...

and they showed up! that's a nice change :)

Anonymous said...

Happy for your shirt. Think it will suit you well,
Anna Abbona.

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