Sunday, December 26, 2010

Once Upon a Spring Day

Looking back over the year, one of the best times I had in 2010 was Easter with Brett Jones and Wink Lorch. We met at the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood Napa Valley and stayed in touch via blogs, Facebook, Twitter and email. Wink had invited me to come visit her and Brett at their chalet in the Haut-Savoie. And when I had time between Bordeaux and Italy I made the trek.

It was one of those magical times. The snow was falling and the ski runs were teeming with skiers. I wish I had learned to ski when I was younger. But, alas, I was relegated to the little stops along the way to sit in the sun and drink crisp white wines from the area. Wink and Brett would join me after taking on a mountain or two. We had a great time. And really they taught me so much about the wines from the Jura and Haute-Savoie (is there anyone, anywhere with a greater knowledge of those wines? I don’t think so). And Brett, the consummate wine professional and gentleman. How I wish we had more of him in our business in America. All told, the few days I spent there were magical, the food, the wine, the weather, the intelligent conversation. It was one of the highlights of the year. Thanks so very much, Wink and Brett! By the way their chalet has occasional availability, check it out here Sharing it again, with you, dear readers, on this cold winter day after Christmas, which Brett and Wink know as Boxing Day.

Festive times – I’m on my way to the country for more wine and food and family time. Cheers!

More pictures after the break...

You'll have to go there to have this wine and food experience

This was the view out my room at night

When it is cold you have to eat hearty!

I love white wine!

I love all wine!

Their own personal backyard
A million Texas thanks, Brett and Wink!


Anonymous said...

Grazie caro Alfonso, the guest mad in heaven! Thought of you and the happy times we shared as we skied down the path that you strode up and down...
Now, what ya doin' next Easter?

Wink Lorch said...

Alfonso, I believe that was one of, no surely it was the best, most relaxing weekend I had all year when you, the best guest, mad(e) in heaven, came to stay. This is the first time I've turned on my computer this Boxing Day as we went for a ski on a beautiful, but very cold, morning and have been chillin' with a book since. How lovely to read your story of our Easter weekend (complete with photo of white chocolate Easter piggy), thank you and I hope you come to relax some more with us soon.

Alfonso Cevola said...

Thanks, you two. Hope to see you again on either side of the pond.

Happy New Years!

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