Sunday, August 08, 2010

Bursting the Bubble

From the dog days of summer department

Photo by Teresa Rafidi

After a week of trauma and high drama I am resting and content to stay on my little isola, my island at home, with a pool and water, and wine, and tons and tons of crap. It seems after so many decades on earth, I have accumulated too much of everything. So today, along with my physical purge and cleanse, I am also purging and cleansing my world of useless, repetitive belongings. Not useless to someone else, I hope, but for my needs, enough is too much. Some of these thangs gotta go.

It seems we can never get enough of anything in America, including endless blogging about this wine or that wine. Enough already! Let’s go sell something.

I don’t have anything else for you. I ‘m taking the rest of the day off. Move along now, there’s nothing to see here….


Thomas said...

I settled into my favorite couch, poured my favorite Prosecco, signed onto my favorite blog, and he ain't talkin'.

Woe is I!

Anyway, can I have a bunch of free wine samples shipped to me--I promise to review every one of them, even the ones that I think (don't have to know) have problems. I'm a great taster and an even better guesser. Plus, I think Italian wines are the next best thing to free wine.

Samantha Dugan said...

HoseMaster is talking Brown Movement and you are purging.....

Jeff Siegel said...

I'll stop by with some white Burgundy if you want -- can't think of anything better to help you readjust your chakra.

Alfonso Cevola said...

sounds good, seeing as my karma just ran over my dogma

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