Thursday, May 13, 2010

The 1000 Kilometer March

To just give a perspective of what we just did, imagine if you lived in Dallas, Texas and just drove to Big Bend National Park. Or San Diego to Santa Rosa, California. Or New York City to Detroit, Michigan. And somewhere in the middle, stopping to visit two wineries, including visiting the vineyards, cellars, tasting and throw in a lunch. With porchetta.

Mom, that was my day. Starting at 5:00AM we left Lecce in Deep South Italy drove to Abruzzo and Marche, stopped and then made the haul to Florence, via Bologna, to our dinner appointment. Mom, that was work.

I will scrape myself off the bed, because we have several appointments in Tuscany, first thing, Friday morning. Loving it, Mom, but I am a little tired.

So a few words and pictures, and I promise I will get back to talking about wine and Italy and DOCG’s (including the two or three new ones I have heard about). Will somebody please get me a cup of coffee?

Last night, after the death-march portion of our trip was concluded we joined a few new friends for dinner in a little Tuscan town near Vinci. After all that driving we needed some bistecca fiorentina, no? We met at Ristorante Adriano in Cerretto Guidi.

Until then, feast upon the images of the bloody cow which we had with unadorned Chianti Classico. None of this talk about natural wine or any of the current popular buzz-words or buzz-directions in the lofty world of wine-speak. Just meat and potatoes and greens and beans and get in the truck, kids. We’re heading to Montalcino.

Five steaks - 12 men - Who will get the bones?

Baseball pro and wine lover, Steve Trachsel, taking his time with the Big Bone

Wine pro and meat lover Carmine Scala instructing the young'uns on the "Luca Brasi method" of cleaning a bone

Roberto Sabatini getting the "signal" from the catcher in the sky that it's time to wind this party up and get some rest

2 comments: said...

florence this time or the next time, come visit me!
trattoria da burde
via pistoiese 154 firenze
It's not so full with trattorie running since 1901...

Julie said...

Sounds brutal, I'll tell Mom. I hope she makes this upcoming trip alright. Ten days is a short period to fly in for someone her age or even mine. We'll see.

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