Monday, December 28, 2009

4 Years & 535 Blog Posts Ago...

…I started On The Wine Trail in Italy on December 28, 2005. My first post was pretty basic, a picture of Monte Vulture with a cluster of Aglianico grapes in the foreground. The impetus was from a friend, David Anderson, whose blog, Italian's Insight to Travel Italy, was this constant force of nature that compelled me to stay up with. David has stopped blogging for now, gone on to other things. But he was my guide and I thank him for starting me down the road of the bloggy-blog world.

My first commenter was My Life Italian blogger, Tracie Branch. We became pen pals and when she moved back to Texas, I adopted her as my Italian Wine Daughter. She is marrying another blogger, whom I met in NY (in his soul-patch days) via reading about him on blog-colleague Eric Asimov's The Pour. One day I suggested they "friend" each other on Facebook. The rest is history.

This is my 536th (and not last) post. I have been asking bloggers "if circumstances were presented to you that you were compelled to stop blogging, would you stop blogging?" Feel free to chime in here; I will compile the answers in another post down the road.

In the meantime, we have until the 37th of December (this year) to make homes for all the Italian wine in this O-N-D period. And Sausage Paul and Joey the Weasel (aka Joe Strange Eye) and the cast of characters and I are going to be busy right up until then. I havent talked to Beatrice or Arthur lately - I hope they're doing OK and will contribute to these pages soon.

Four years, 500+ posts, and that is just this blog, not too shabby. All done after hours, while holding down a pretty cool job. Life ain’t so bad for this wine-blogger.

Now, if I could just get someone in my family to answer their damn phone.


Jeff Siegel said...

Stop blogging? And give up the $100 a year I make? No way.

Alfonso, if more bloggers were as professional and conscientious as you, the wine world would be in much better shape. Happy anniversary.

Marco Sarceno said...

Happy 4th birthday! I was compelled to start blogging by what happened to the city that care forgot. If I were compelled to stop blogging by something equally important, yes I would stop blogging. What that something might be, I cannot say at the moment. The fall of Western civilization?

David Waddington said...

The confluence of holiday retail wine sales and holiday family stuff has proved to be an effective blog stopper! Well, I'm composing constantly, just nothing gets written!

Congratulations to you, sir! Your blog shows the wisdom of many wine reincarnations.

Julie, your sister said...

I answer the phone when it rings if I'm not driving my grand daughter to school, taking care of my little grand daughter so her Mom can wor taking Mom to the doctor, working, or otherwise helping others.

Alfonso Cevola said...

Thanks, Julie. I know I can always count on my big sister. Love you!

Unknown said...

Marco... Western Civilization fell 4 years and 535 blog posts ago....

Verification word: facetri
(noun): what running dog in forest soon acquires.

Alfonso Cevola said...

Jeff- but think about the "perks"
Glad to have you as a blog-colleague

Marco - so many last names you have. But only 1 seersucker suit?

David- Bro you are doing great! Glad you have blog fever. Keep on doing it!

Jeremy - it is a "blog eat blog" world. I think Tracie should go back to your first post and look at your picture, such a clean face sans "soul patch" even back then.

BK- I pity the fool that pours facetri on my steak! Keep on fighting, amico!

Tracie P. said...

congrats ace! i remember that comment, who knew how much of an impact blogging would have on our lives, no?

i can't believe it's been four just four weeks until our wedding, what a result of reading your blog way back then!

OF COURSE i've looked at that first post...he just keeps getting cuter, no?

un abbracio ace!

Intensieve berggeiten said...

Congratulations from The Netherlands!! I am ,as a Italian wine lover, a real fan of your blog.

Travel Italy said...

Thank you for the kind shout out. Look forward to seeing you soon.


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