Sunday, August 17, 2008

Texsom 2008 ~ Hill Country Ho-down

Julie over at D-Magazine is doing a live-blogging feed, for more information. She's even got a Quicktime dance video of the Master Sommeliers in action. Too much going on to put it all down right now. Ray Wylie Hubbard, Shiner Bock, ribs, cobbler and dancin'. See some pix after the jump.

Texsom in Austin 2008

Salt-lick smackin' good ribs!

Blackberry and peach cobbler

Ray Wylie Hubbard singin' the blues

Kim Stout looking after husband Guy Stout, M.S. and Larry O'Brian, M.S.

Drew Hendricks, M.S. lovin' that cobbler ala mode

Fred Dame, M.S., and Travis Goff doin' some dirty dancin'

Texsom founder James Tidwell payin' the band


Tracie P. said...

damn, that's one good-lookin'...rib!

"TexaCali Ali" said...

so much fun! sorry to be missing out this year! Cheers - Ali

Anonymous said...

you all talk amongst yourselves, over a bowl of tacos.


Unknown said...

Wow... with a diet like that and all those partiers, there must have been some pretty grand BS'ers by the end of the evening, right?

(Beer Sommeliers, IJS)

Tracie P. said...

who serves tacos in bowls, ace?

Anonymous said...

there used to be a place in Victorville called the Taco Bowl.
I guess that would be a good place to start,eh?


Denise Ehrlich said...

Love the picture of those fabulous Australian wines. Of course, I'm a little biased.....


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