Friday, October 26, 2007

Full Moon Pizza

Late this week, in NY for meetings, the dreaded Wine Experience and a chance to satisfy a craving for some Pizza Napoletana.

The evening started at the Wine Experience, where a whole slew of winemakers were pouring one of their wines. Bruna Giacosa, Pio Boffa, Piero Antinori, Stefano Chioccioli ( pouring Tua Rita Redigaffi), Carlo Ferrini running around like a whirling dervish, a nice, nice man. On my way to talk to Anthony Barton, the tireless Angelo Gaja was pouring one of his reds.

Angelo Gaja, Warhol-ed

I snapped a quick pic of him and a young lady comes up to me and asks me if he was a famous man. She was a newbie, albeit a well cared for one. Very well adorned and splendidly tanned. I replied that he did some work in his life that would be remembered as something historic, but that the fame that came along with it wasn’t the most important thing. She raised an eyebrow, curious as to my rendition of fame vs. good works. “So he is famous?”, she pursued. “Yes, my dear, he is. But the legacy that he has established will outlive him and everyone in this room.” At which point she made a gesture known well to a trained face screener that said, I’m interested in this and want to know more, but I must go back and think about this some. At which point she asked me which California wine should she go taste. I motioned for her to pass by the Ridge table and sample the Montebello.

So it was that kind of a night, full of interesting and wonderful people, many colleagues and friends, from Italy, France, New Zealand, California, Germany Portugal and Spain.

Matt Kramer comes up to me and an old Italian friend, gesticulating and sprouting Italian prose-nography. Lots of fun. And the wine wasn’t too shabby.

That's Amore

A quick cab to 1st and 13th for a little reception in an underground cavern. A little sparkling rosato from Torti in Lombardia.

Above, inside Luzzo, warm coals and crusty pizza. Falanghina and and Aglianico/Piedirosso blend, Serrone, from Nifo Sarrapochiello.

Full moon on its way up, overlooking Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Good Night and Good Luck


Anonymous said...

In 1970 I used to buy Gaja Barbaresco for $4.95 a bottle.
Things change.

Alfonso Cevola said...

And you could buy Chateau Lafite for $3.99.

Oh well....thanks for stopping buy

Anonymous said...

I wish I had known you were in NY. Oh, well... Next time. Luzzo makes one of my favorite pizzas.

Italian Wine Blog said...

Wow that must have been a great evening. I've never met Gaja but am a massive fan of his Barbaresco and Sperss.

I'm guessing you are ITB sorry I have only read a few pages and must have missed the part where you say what you do!

Alfonso Cevola said...

Sicily guide- next time-January

And it makes us all better people because of it;)

Wine 90-There were lots of wonderful folks there. Guido and Elisabetta from Caparzo, Bruna Giacosa, Carlo Ferrini,Christina Mariani, Filippo di Belardino, the list is too long...

the day job:

Italian Wine Blog said...

So if you met the Caparzo's your italian must be much better than mine!

Checked this out very interesting, want to look at it properly as I have a couple of questions (Im also ITB and operate a new company in Rome)

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