Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Little Spot of Sicilian Sunshine ~ KYOS

Folks who read these posts regularly know I dont "review" wines. However, when something comes across my path that is notable I like to let all 3 of you reading this know about it. -AC

A wine that I will be following this year is KYOS, from the Cantina Sociale Santa Ninfa. This is interesting, in that this co-op is coordinating with another co-op, the Cantina di Soave. North and South working together for the betterment of Italian wines, what a concept. Perhaps the politicians could learn from the example of the farmers, the stewards of the earth. We can hope.

While I dont usually get excited about co-op wines, several of them in Italy have been making better than average wines. The Produttori del Barbaresco wines are in such heavy demand that they cannot supply enough wine.

KYOS will have two wines available in the American market to start, A Grillo and a Nero d'Avola. The Nero D'Avola that I have tried is a delicious red that has everything in check. The fruit is fresh but not overbearing and the alcohol is a sane 12.5%. A really well balanced wine that will sell, in most markets for around $10.

Importer is Tricana. Sam Levitas and company have found a real winner here. At this time, it can be found in NY metro, San Francisco, soon in Texas. It has been a real hit in Venezuela too. Grab ahold of this one, It will give the Planeta and Donnafugata entry level wines a run for your money.


  1. North - South Consorzio... For some reason I wonder about the dynamics of that relationship.

    I look forward to taking your suggestion and trying these out.

  2. I'm fairly new to Italian wines so the idea of a COOP is unusual, has this ever been tried in California?

  3. Actually yes,
    some time ago...

    The Winery called Italian Swiss Colony in the 1960's was, I believe, A co-op.

    now the land values are too high.

  4. YUM! Although I have never had a Grillo before it sounds good. Question, Nero D'Avola...can you give me a little background on what type of grape it is? I looked through the wikipedia link, but perhaps you can shed some more light on it.

    Thanks, and count me as #7


  5. Nero -

    Count me as #8 in Texas. I attended a wine event at a famous Italian grocery store in Dallas last night and came away with a small stockpile of KYOS. This has opened my eyes to Sicilian wines. Any others that have made it to the US from the coop?



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