Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat – The archetypal Italian wine press release

From the "I couldn't make this up" department.

_______________ launches _______________!

___________is the name of the latest vinous creation from historic ________ wine producer, _____________, based in ________ , Italy. The wine was first launched in ______, is classed as a ______ and made as a fascinating blend of ________, ________ and ______.

Owner of the company, _________ ________ explains the name. “In _______ dialect,” he says _______ means “_______” or ‘_______ ________’, the bit on an estate that’s the most protected and most loved.” Or in other words, what the French would call “___”. In fact, the base grapes for this wine come from a ____hectare vineyard in ______, planted at a density of ______rootstocks per hectare and trained in the ______ manner.

The grapes selected for _____ are those that are really super ripe. The ________ and_________ grapes are given a slight appassimento after picking, while the ________ is soft-pressed immediately and temporarily kept at a low temperature to prevent fermentation. Once the ________ and __________grapes are pressed, the _______ first run musts are combined and run into stainless steel tanks for fermentation. The resulting wine is matured in small ______ oak casks until the late spring, and then bottled and given bottle age until the end of summer.

“The actual blend we use,” ______________ explains, “was arrived at in a very pragmatic manner. We experimented on the ideal composition for some time before arriving at something that we thought really interesting. The result is an important wine: powerful, structured, and something for connoisseurs. It has the characteristic mineral notes on the palate, truly reflecting the soil of _________, which is usually made up of a type of ________ soil.”

On the nose there are hints of style that could be described almost as similar to Montrachet in Burgundy but the final result, ____________ says, “is a faithful and unique expression of the local terroir, not the least but intended to be a copy of one of the world’s classic wines. It could almost be used as a wine to drink after a meal, a meditation wine, but it goes really well, amongst other things, with rich fish, chicken and pork dishes.”

Happy halloween ya’ll!

[photo by Arbus]


katieparla said...

Ha! Love this!

Jack Everitt said...

Ha, you're missing the part about, "Because it's grown at a high elevation of _____ meters, it is able to capture the historic late afternoon winds that cool the grapes off perfectly, preventing noxious tannins."

Alfonso Cevola said...

Thanks, Jack.

I really didnt write this post. I just took out the names.

Simon said...

Surely they must have benefited from the sdvice of consultant viticulturalist _____________ and winemaking guru _____________...?

Simona said...

ah, ah, ah, you made me laugh!! and you are soooo right! plus, I need to apologize as in the past I worked for Italian wineries and I wrote pieces like that. But is it different out of Italy?

Alfonso Cevola said...


This release came out of Italy...really!

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