Friday, November 14, 2008

Casual Fridays Redux: Nomadic Furniture for the Jug Wine Lover

My friend Hank Rossi and his wife Phillissa just returned from a two month nomadic trip across Europe, their blog is a hoot, go give it a look-see. To ease them back into the New America, I am offering them post-economic meltdown re-design suggestions for their flat. Unless they got out of the market before they left, they might not be traveling as much. Knowing Hank, they probably have all their money intact, which would be OK with me, seeing as they are great folks. And when they are gone we sneak in their place (the doorman loves Pinot Grigio) and have wild parties in their place. I also drive their Jaguar convertible around town, acting like I'm in a higher income bracket that I really am. All in good fun. So to welcome Hank and Phil back I am bringing back an old post I did a couple of years ago. Since then there are more new furniture projects. Have at it Hank, Rossi wine in jugs is the new paradigm for the economic times; sales of Carlo Rossi are off the charts!

Years ago I had a sculpture teacher in Silicon Valley whose father-in-law was Carlo Rossi. We used to go up to the prof’s house in San Francisco because his wife cooked for us (and she was real pretty), and we always had an endless supply of wine. It was cool.

Now all those empty jugs of Carlo Rossi wine can have a new life. Artist Jay Blazek of Seattle has created 6 do-it-yourself projects.

Go to and see for yourself. Videos outline how to make in a simple and entertaining manner.

The Cabernet Couch, just the spot to do some vertical (or horizontal) tastings


Marco Rosso said...

Can you suggest the best vintage(s) for the jugs under a couch?
I had seen these somewhere in webosphere a while back.

Alison Smith said...

i want the chandelier!

Anonymous said...

I work for italian companies for some years. But I haven't seen those type of designs yet. :))

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